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Why Our Prices are Low and Why We Do not Offer Funky/Tricky Coupon Codes? (Updated)

Why Our Prices are Low and Why We Do not Offer Funky/Tricky Coupon Codes? (Updated)

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So, there are some assumptions that as it’s at low price it might be of poor quality or something not upto the standards and so on. But NO. It cannot be true in each and every case.

‘Reasonable Price’ also refers to ‘low price yet best in quality’. This what we always try to deliver to all our customers. We try our best to keep prices as reasonable as possible with high quality standards and delivering the best shopping experience.

We DO NOT offer now-a-days’ Funky or Tricky coupon codes like:

  • Get 1000 off/get cashback on minimum purchase of 2000 or get 500 off on minimum purchase of 1499 using this or that coupon code.

Why offer at 1499 and make discount of 500 when it can be offered at 800-1000 without any codes/discounts? Keep it simple.

  • This promo code applies till tonight only or till one hour only.
  • Get upto this% + that + this bla bla…and at the end you’ll see ‘ohh! It requires slight more amount of purchase to get this discount’.
  • 50-100% cashback. And when you see T&C, the first or second line will be ‘maximum cashback is 50 or 60 INR’.
  • 500 INR cashback. And when you see T&C, the first or second line will be ‘maximum cashback is 1-2% upto 500 INR’.

Why confuse customers by showing so many coupon codes and make him/her feel which one to use and which not? Leaving customers on keep trying multiple coupon codes again and again in the cart and watching final amount continuously or sometimes an error (like this coupon is invalid/expired or ‘this’ minimum amount is required. Add more products to your cart to get this offer and so on).

Sometimes after making the purchase customers also feel that ohh if I had used that code instead this I could have saved money, I could have purchased of more value, I could have saved my time instead, etc.

It takes a lot of valuable time of customers especially when the same can be offered directly at a reasonable price without throwing rubbish offers/coupons/codes/discounts.

Keep it simple and let the customers focus on understanding the desired product in detail, making proper purchase decision and getting most of his/her money.

We are not saying that offering coupon codes is wrong. We also do offer coupon codes to our existing customers/subscribers/active visitors as a special offer and deliver coupon codes to them directly via email or message. Those coupon codes can be used on our products ‘which are already at a reasonable price’ plus this discount to delight them for being a valuable part of our organization.

We do not want to leave our customers on finding Drezzling coupon codes in coupon sites or Googleing it using different combinations like ‘Drezzling coupon codes’, ‘Drezzling promo codes’ ‘Drezzling discount coupons’ and so on. We want customers to invest their time in understanding the product, making right purchase decision and save time.

Dear shoppers, make your purchase decision with proper understanding of products/services, prices and discounts offered, think out of the box, not just by attracting coupon codes or discounts so that you are not left with disappointment later. Have happy and hassle-free shopping!

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